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The Flame That Came To Oswestry
By Heather Rodenhurst

In Oswestry one day in May
We’ll come in crowds to line the way
All sharing one important aim –
To welcome the Olympic flame

We’ll find our spot and pack in tight
To look out for that special light
And lean as far as we can get
To ask “Is that it? Is it coming yet?”

And then we’ll see it, bright and bold,
Olympic flame in sleeve of gold
And as we watch it drawing near
We’ll give a great big Shropshire cheer!

A runner with the precious load
Will hold it high up Oswald Road
And smile at miles of cheers and calls
In Leg Street and in English Walls

In Church Street and the Wynnstay porch,
We’ll all squeeze in to cheer the Torch
And flags will fly red, white and blue
To greet the fire passing through

In Morda Road, we’ll glimpse the light
Before it travels out of sight
Taking best of luck to Team GB
From all the folks in Oswestry

The Torch will pass from hand to hand
And travel on across this land
Until in London in July
Its light will dazzle every eye

We’ll all recall that day in May
And we’ll be glad that we can say
“Yes, I was there that day to see
The flame that came to Oswestry.”