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Oswestry Sports Forum works towards the benefit of Sport and Physical Recreation in the Oswestry area and attempts to improve accessibility to Sport among the people of the area. This includes a small grants programme.   The Sports Forum comprises volunteers who represent a range of member sports clubs.  Oswestry Sports Forum provides a virtual place where members of the local sporting community can meet, discuss issues and share best practice - a forum for local sport.

Launch of the Good to Great! Oswestry Sports Network
Friday, 9th February saw the launch of Oswestry Sports Forum’s Good to Great! Network.   Over 80 people crowded into Oswestry Cricket Club to hear Nick Beighton give an inspirational talk about what sport has done for him and how he maintains his motivation.  Stuart Manford, recent new member of Oswestry Sports Forum’s Policy Committee, described his own journey from swimming as a kid with Oswestry Otters to competing for his country in the Commonwealth Games.   Stuart explained that he wanted the Good to Great! Network to support local aspiring athletes who wanted to go far with their sport, whatever sport that may be.  There will be quarterly meetings with expert speakers on a range of topics that are of interest across all sports.  The next Good to Great! Network meeting will be in mid-June with a guest speaker from Loughborough University’s Sports Psychology department.  Membership of the Good to Great! Network is by invitation.  Any teenager who is doing well in their club and would like to become a member of the network should ask their coach to nominate them.  Nominations should be sent to susie(at)oswestrysportsforum.org.uk .
Membership of Oswestry Sports Forum

Membership of Oswestry Sports Forum is open to all organisations in the Oswestry area provided that they support and promote the objects of the Sports Forum.  The Membership subscription fee is £10 per year, payable on 1 September.  Membership entitles the organisation to attend meetings of the Sports Forum (e.g. Forum Evenings, the annual Sports Awards presentation evening and the AGM).  Each member club has one vote at the AGM.  Members who provide an email contact address will also receive updates concerning sport in the area, funding for clubs, coaching opportunities etc.  Member clubs are also eligible to apply for grants on the small grants scheme (see Grant Conditions).
To apply for membership, please complete the Membership Form and return it to the Secretary.
We also host annual Sports Awards to recognise local sporting performance and club volunteers.  We arrange Forum meetings on topics of interest to local sports men and women.  During the Oswestry Games 2012, we created a Hall of Fame for local sports stars, past and present, which is on permanent display in Oswestry Leisure Centre.

Oswestry Sports Forum was adopted as the new operating name for Oswestry & District Sports Council at an EGM on 19th August 2015.
Oswestry Sports Forum awarded four grants in February.  Oswestry Sports Forum  is one of the few organisations who award grants to individuals to progress their sport.  In this round, two young people had applied. Elizabeth Galliers was awarded a grant towards her pony-riding training costs.  Xavier Clarke was awarded a grant for a new cricket bat. Oswestry Community Games was awarded a grant towards the cost of medals for participants of the Community Games on 24th September 2017, and Oswestry Olympians was given a grant towards developing athletics facilities in partnership with Oswestry School.

The area of benefit is Oswestry plus the area within 10 miles’ radius.  It includes St Martins, Ellesmere, Baschurch etc.  The closing date for receipt of applications for the next Grants round is Monday, 18th June 2018.  The Grants will be decided at a meeting on Thursday, 5th July 2018.  Click on the Grants tab for how to apply.
If you would like to find out more about Oswestry Sports Forum or if you have a question about Sport in Oswestry, please contact us!

Susie Hancock
The Gables
Ruyton XI Towns


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Awards Evening Guest Speaker, Nick Beighton with retiring OSF Chairman, Chris Powell
Hall of Fame
New members are inducted into the Oswestry Sporting Hall of Fame during the Annual Sports Awards Evening.  Suggestions for new members would be welcome.  Hall of Fame members are people from the Oswestry area who have achieved national importance in sport e.g. by representing their country (at Senior level, not age group) in international competition.  Please see the Hall of Fame page for more information.

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Oswestry Sports Awards
The annual Awards Evening will be on Friday, 11th May 2018 in Oswestry Cricket Club.  Nominations are invited for the following awards:
Disability Award
Veteran Sport Award
Contribution to Sport
Junior Team Award
Coach of the Year
Outstanding Achievement Award
Please see the Sports Awards page for  Nomination Forms and last year’s winners.