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The business of Oswestry Sports Forum is run by the Policy Committee and the Grants Committee.  The Officers of the Sports Forum are members of both committees.




Chairman = Rob Walker (CrossFit Oswestry)

Vice Chairman = Stuart Manford (Oswestry Otters)

Secretary = Susie Hancock (Oswestry Olympians)

Treasurer = Nicola Manford


Policy Committee


Rob Walker

Stuart Manford

Susie Hancock

Nicola Manford

Yvonne Edwards (Get Wet Swim Club)

Doreen Leggatt (Oswestry Otters)

Chris Powell (Criftins Tennis Club)


Grants Committee


Rob Walker (CrossFit Oswestry)

Stuart Manford (Oswestry Otters)

Susie Hancock (Oswestry Olympians)

Nicola Manford

Richard Beaman (Whittington Bowls Club)

John Clarke (Cae Glas Cricket Club)

Yvonne Edwards (Get Wet Swim Club)

Don Howell (Oswestry Rugby Club)

Mark Jones (Croesoswallt Archers)

Clive Knight (Oswestry Community Games)

Ben Morris (Oswestry Boys Girls Club)Chris Powell (Criftins Tennis Club)


At the 2018 AGM, Oswestry Sports Forum adopted this Privacy Policy.